Women Health Packages

Health Checkup Packages For Women

Life can get busy and at times we forget to love our body – which can in turn have a direct impact on our well-being and health. Whether it be contraception, fertility advice, hormonal problems, difficulties with menstruation, unplanned pregnancy, breast symptoms, sexual dysfunction, bladder leakage or menopause, women have very specific health issues. There are a number of female cancers which worry you, such as ovarian, endometrial or breast cancer. Early detection and diagnosis are key to easily treating diseases that affect women’s health. Read More

Every woman should learn to love her body, because it is a piece of art – but like any piece of art, it needs to be maintained. And we all know that the best cure is prevention. It is recommended that all women aged 18 and over should undergo a health check-up every 2 years.

We, at Fortis, Bangalore, offer a full range of health-packages dedicated exclusively to women. We are equipped with technologically advanced equipment and hi-tech laboratory testing across a broad spectrum of disease categories. We offer gynaecological services, STI/STD screenings, cervical cancer screening and more.

Health Check-ups are an Investment in Your Health

  • Multiple diagnostic services under one roof
  • A range of packages suitable across all age groups
  • State-of- the-art technology & equipment
  • Experienced and dedicated team

The women’s health check-up packages includes physical examination, blood tests to check any disorder or diseases, family planning, testing for sexually transmitted diseases and help managing reproductive health concerns at every life stage. We believe in the importance of feeling completely comfortable during your visit. All of our doctors treat patients as individuals and take the time to listen and really understand your unique reproductive needs. We’re committed to helping all women achieve optimal health throughout the course of their lives, and we work to create a safe environment that allows free expression of your fears, questions, or concerns.
Our goal is to help mothers, daughters and grandmothers take charge of their reproductive health by creating strong partnerships with caring physicians who fully understand healthcare that is focused women. Facilitate your first steps towards taking charge of your health through the best health check-up packages available with us today. Read Less