Men Health Packages

Health Checkup Packages For Men

From male infertility to compromised immune systems due to diabetes, heart failure, blood pressure, diabetes and cancers, men are as vulnerable to a wide range of diseases as women. Men's Health checks involve the prevention and early detection of such common medical conditions. Special emphasis is also placed on prostate problems, erectile dysfunction and mental health issues including depression. Read More

It is advised that men younger than 40 should have a health check every 2 years. Men 40 and older should have a health check every year.

Health check-ups are important in men

  • The sooner men have their first health check, the better. It is encouraged for men in their 20s to start having health checks, to maximise the preventive potential of the process.
  • Even if men have already developed significant health problems, it is never too late to prevent other health problems or slow-down the progression of illness.
  • Many men wrongly assume that because they are feeling well, they are in good health. The human body has evolved to function even when multiple body systems have started to fail. It can take many years before these system failures translate into feeling unwell.
  • Men who are experiencing fertility problems.
  • Men who are experiencing sexual difficulties, in particularly erectile problems as these are a sign of poor health (physical as well as emotional).

We at Fortis, understand that men have specific health issues which can vary with different stages of life. We offer customized health check-up packages for males for thorough assessment of their health. At Fortis, we are equipped with technologically advanced equipment and hi-tech laboratory testing across a broad spectrum of disease categories.

Our doctors are sensitive to the difficulty some men have in discussing these issues and are experienced in managing them. Therefore, our doctors and technicians are trained to examine and consult you accordingly and advise you of further examination and tests required.

We provide a comprehensive service and are with you every step of the way - not only to assess your health and identify potential problems, but to help you manage your lifestyle and the physical risk factors that can be changed to enable you to have a healthier life. Facilitate your first steps towards taking charge of your health through the best health check-up packages available with us today. Read Less