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We have a variety of Health Screening Packages catered for individual needs. At Fortis, our core mission is to provide the best outcome for every patient entrusted to our care. A lot of diseases include heart attacks, life style disorders, kidney diseases can be prevented by getting a health checkup on time. We never giveup on anyone when 'I' is replaced by 'We' illness becomes wellness.

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At Fortis, we strive to provide the best outcome for every patient entrusted to our care. We work towards providing standard & quality healthcare services to the patient & their families guided by compassion, commitment & consistency.

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Best Health Check-up Packages in Bangalore

One of Your Most Important Asset Is Your Health.

There is nothing in your life that is more valuable than good health. No matter how wealthy you are, if you are not healthy, there is nothing you can cherish in life. Therefore it’s very important to give your body all the attention it needs. Read More

We all have different levels of fitness and different health conditions. Today, we are constantly seeking to lower our risk of various conditions or diseases by maintaining a healthy diet, weight and level of physical activity. Today we are pre-emptively seek medical advice on how to live a healthier lifestyle. 'Preventive health check-ups' are a cornerstone in helping us achieve this objective of maintaining best of our health.

Health Check-ups are an Investment in Your Health

Preventative healthcare is becoming a much bigger part of our lives. It addresses potential health issues before they start. It saves time, money and a considerable amount of physical and emotional pain. Regular check-ups can also help find potential health issues before they become a problem. Early detection gives you the best chance of getting the right treatment faster without any complications. Getting the correct health services, screenings, and treatment are important steps toward living a longer, healthier life.

There are various benefits of regular check-ups.

  • Reduce your risk of getting sick
  • Detect potentially life-threatening health conditions or diseases at an early stage
  • Improve the outcomes of the treatment and the chances of complete cure
  • Limit risk of complications by closely monitoring existing conditions
  • Increase lifespan and improve health
  • Reduce healthcare costs over time by avoiding costly medical services
  • Helps you form a good partnership with your doctor so treatment can be more efficient
  • Helps you stay updated on any new medical information or technologies that are available

Your Life is Non-Stop. So Are We, at Fortis Hospital, Bangalore!

We offer the best health check-up packages in Bangalore, covering most of the ailements of the human body. We provide comprehensive diagnostic and medical care to every age group. Whether you are managing a chronic illness, have a family history of a disease or looking to be proactive with your health, there’s always room for improvement and opting for customized health-care packages can bring you one step closer to achieving your aim.
At Fortis, we are equipped with technologically advanced equipment and hi-tech laboratory testing across a broad spectrum of disease categories. Our award- winning physicians are distinguished for excellence in research and provision of quality patient care.

The USP of each of our centers is:

  • Multiple diagnostic services under one roof
  • A range of packages suitable across all age groups
  • State-of- the-art technology & equipment
  • Experienced and dedicated team

Our healthcare packages are designed keeping your comfort and satisfaction as our number one priority. We conduct extensive, pain-free testing with the goal of identifying areas of concern before significant disease develops, including in-depth cardiac, pulmonary, and dermatologic exams. Our dedicated staff ensures that all test results are completed by the end of the day so that we can discuss our findings with you and address any questions or concerns you might have. We constantly aim to maximize your health and your time.
We offer a wide variety of services for exceptional treatment and care for you and your family. Facilitate your first steps towards preserving your most precious asset by scanning through the best health check-up packages available with us today.Read Less